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This wonderful young dog was a backyard give away
who we adopted in 1992.
He was a mixture
of a Weimaraner and GSP.

Oh what a gentleman he was,
and so handsome!

He pranced like a thoroughbred race horse
and swam like an Olympic swimmer!

We so loved him
because of his intelligence,
and looks, but mostly because
of his wonderful nature.


But his eyes are what really got me!
They were so soulful and expressive
that at times, I felt he would speak!

He won every bit of our hearts!
When we had to leave him,
we were distraught because his
wonderful behavior warranted much
better than a kennel or pet sitter.
He was a house worthy dog!



Thus...He inspired the idea of Home of Bed and Biscuit.
Why not invite other canine friends, who were just as worthy, into our home, so we
could care for them when their parents had to leave? We created what we wanted for him.

Oh, how a dog can influence one's life!

He loved all the dogs coming in and out of our home and did not have one growl to say!
This must have been his lot in life for what a gracious host he was! We didn't see him more excited
or happier than to greet his guests.
He exuded calm and comfort throughout our home-

Thor passed away in 2004. Our business continues to thrive, for his mighty spirit lives on!
Thank you Thor, for our canine friends are still coming through our door. Without
Tess, it could have been less. But again you came through, leading us to the right
successor for you!





Tess, a one year old, Pointer/Lab mix,
became his successor.
I was by no means
ready to adopt another so soon
but nevertheless
we were lead to her.

As I said, Thor was a pretty smart boy,
so I believe he had his paw in this :)
He knew he was leading us
to a beauty, in every way!!



Our latest addition to the family is Puppy.
I guess Thor wasn't finished yet!
Interesting how his eyes are
gorgeous just like Thor's. Hmm.....

He was named Puppy already, but
looks more like a Scruffy,
so he's now Scruffy Puppy,
and many more endearing names.

Now we know him even better,
so call him Rascal Pup.

We never intended to get a second dog....
He was actually the kind of dog we wanted
after Thor passed away - smaller, non shedding.
However, apparently Thor knew
we needed Tess first.

It couldn't have worked better!!!



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