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Us, Fran and Rich

I had dreams of this business since 1994.
It started when I rescued my own dog Thor,
and was distraught whenever we had to leave him!
I couldn't bear the thought of putting him in any kind
of facility, or using a house or pet sitter.

His wonderful behavior warranted better than that -
a safe, comfortable, peaceful, stimulating and loving
home like ours. I just knew there were other dog lovers
out there that thought like me...

My hunch was correct, by the response from our customers!
They want the best for their dogs too -
a loving home, nothing else will do!
So, worry no more
for we've opened our door!

Squeezing these cuties
Bogie and Tessa

We may have not been blessed
with children, but instead,
God's other children with 4 paws!
Not only have we been totally fulfilled
in spending our nurturing energies on
our own dogs, but privileged to care for all
our guests that have stayed at our
Home of Bed and Biscuit since 1996.

Izzy cozing up to Rich


Rich and I have our professional degrees
in education and counseling.
These skills actually come in quite handy working with the dogs!!

Since I, Fran, was determined to fulfill this dream
of Home of Bed and Biscuit,
I chose to discontinue teaching full time.

Thus, this has allowed us
to pursue our passion and business -
caring for these precious creatures called dogs
since 1996


Perhaps we can use our
counseling skills on him?

Rich reading to Cannon?

We have been fortunate to have
one of our passions, become a business!
Even though the doggies occupy
most of our heart, we also love to play tennis,
read, ballroom dance, entertain and travel.
What a joy it is to come home to them!
See how Jackson howls with joy too!!

Fran and Romulus play
with the tennis ball!


Jackson howling
with joy!


********** Our goal is to ease the stress and anxiety of these wonderful creatures **********
and their owners when they need to be separated from each other.

It is our honor and privilege to open up our home to them,
for it's our small way of repaying them back
for all the love and loyalty they give to mankind.

We are also forever grateful,
for we believe they have led us
to the job we were meant to do.
Sometimes a lifetime search.