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  1. We are dog owners and lovers like you and understand completely how stressed you and your dog become when you must separate from each other.

  1. We have a very healthy, positive attitude toward these creatures,
    called dogs! Thus they are treated with the highest regard and love.
    You can tell by our fair rates too.

A healthy attitude, in that they are treated like dogs,
not burdening them with human expectations.
Two examples to understand this are below:

Positive attitude, in that we truly love these creatures.

Our business was first created to serve them
and their owners, wanting to alleviate
their worries when separated.
Second, it was an additional income
- not the other way around.

We also philosophize about them.
I like to make analogies,
so here's one between the dogs and the divine.

They are the closest thing to the nature of God -
unconditionally loving-
like little angels sent to spread the meaning of love.

That is why dog
spelled backwards
is God!

  1. Here, unlike mainstream boarding they will be treated
    like the kings and queens or angels that they are!

 Our house is no palace,
but more importantly
it appeals to their more "angelic" side!

It is a cozy "home"
with all the attributes
of a heaven for doggies...

loving, free, safe, clean, comfortable,
peaceful, fun, adventurous and exciting!

  1. We are professionals that are reliable and trustworthy,
    with experience in caring for dogs since 1996. 

Our home before remodeling in 1996.

  1. Since we are home based, we care for only a few dogs
    which makes it a safer, cleaner and more peaceful atmosphere.
    This type of environment is much more personal and allows
    us to bond with your dog, getting to know them quite well.

And fewer dogs....more treats!

  1. Our rates are similar to the industry,
    but the service is night and day.
    So, it's truly a bargain!!
  1. We are a great option for boarding and day care!! You no longer have to ruminate about having family or friends watch your pooch when they may not even be dog people or you may be uncomfortable feeling indebted.

    You no longer have to worry about putting them in a cold, noisy kennel, or a fancy, but lonely one room doggie hotel or using a house/pet sitter where they may be alone most of the day, bored and anxiously waiting for someone to love them and let them out. You may not care for the idea of giving your house key to someone either


 So which one of the family is going to take them?
Oh, this is horrible, pleez come home soon! This place is too clean for me! Where are my buddies? Gee, when will they be here? It seems so long! What can happen when bored and lonely at home!
  1. You can happily add in your regular phone list among your Vet, your own Doctor, Dentist, and Mechanic, finally, your Dog Sitters - us Fran and Rich @
    Trusted, reliable, responsible and well referenced ,
    we will give you that feeling of welcomed relief!
  1.  When you need to leave again on business, vacation or just a day, instead of your pooch looking at you with a sad, anxious face, you'll see them wagging their tail crazily with excitement, ready to go to Home of Bed and Biscuit! No more feeling guilty!!


Before finding us After finding us
Oh no, you're not going
to leave me again!
Oh cool! I get to go to
Home of Bed and Biscuit!!

  1. When you return, instead of picking up a sickly, sore throated, frazzled looking pooch, you will be greeted by a very happy, tail wagging, satisfied, relaxed but worn out pooch. Maybe they'll even be a bit dirty from all their playing outside (unless you ask for them to be bathed) Nevertheless, another wonderful relief!


-Being picked up from somewhere else- -Being picked up from
Home of Bed and Biscuit-
"Please don't do this to me again,
I'm totally frazzled!"
"Can I stay some more?
I'm just chillin and havin a
grand 'ole time!"

***** So why us? *****

It would be a wonderful opportunity for you
to repay your pooch for all their love and loyalty!!

concerning cost,

Such a small price to pay
for your best friend's comfort
and your peace of mind!!


Our family, here at
Home of Bed and Biscuit,
is honored and privileged
to be given the opportunity
to repay them too,
by giving them a loving, comfortable,
safe and fun place to live
while you are gone.