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Oh God, how we loved you, Thor.
We never even liked going out the door.

And especially when we had to go away,
Dad and I, did emotionally pay.

Agonized over what to do.
In the best hands we had to leave you.

Many things were a pos si bil i ty
To have you loved and not alone, was the key.

A kennel, a pet sitter or one to stay at our home,
All of these ways in my head did roam.

But using some of these options before,
Left us quite weary and very sore.

Oh nothing seemed to comfort you or us,
So distraught, I just wanted to cuss.

Suddenly, a bright idea I had
And Thor, you were the inspiration, my lad.

Surely other dog lovers feel as we do
So we値l be the perfect ones they can leave their babies to.
I値l create what I was searching for you!

We値l open our home for Canines to come
We値l be their other family, me their second Mum.

No crates will there be, to confine them so
A doggie door too, they can come and go.

Biscuits and toys and soft comfy beds
To lay down their most loyal, precious heads.

And happily they値l play with us and each other
They値l certainly want to be left with no other!

So Rich, Thor and I took on this endeavor
Called 滴ome of Bed & Biscuit, no regrets ever.

So grateful were we to work our plans,
result being, our so many fans!

Upon putting out the welcome mat and opening the door,
our Canine friends and owners felt so secure.
And much of it had to do with our boy, Thor.

His nature so loving, respectful and friendly,
eagerly welcoming our guests but ever so gently.

Infusing our home and guests with such a spirit of peace
and other virtues as this,
creating wonderful behavior among all,
surely he was the catalyst.

So, we honor and salute our beloved Thor.
He passed away on Feb. 2, 2004.

Can稚 speak of the heartbreak,
for he was the cause
for us now being blessed with many paws.

You too can thank our boy, Thor
For now leaving your friend, should be a dilemma no more.

So sorry for those who now he can稚 get to know,
But upon visiting our home, you will feel his glow.

How to repay him for all he痴 given me
I was never really quite able to see.

But of course, it痴 to continue with what he inspired,
滴ome of Bed & Biscuit, what we all desired.

To continue to serve his fellow Canine friends
Is a certain way to repay him, that never ends.

So those who want to repay your God like creatures too,
Bring then to us, the only place that will do.

They値l be washed in love, comfort, safety and more
By the 3 of us, Fran, Rich and the spirit of Thor.

Ironically, now we no longer need to worry as to who will watch Thor -
and give him love,
for we can only come in second to the One above.

But humble enough to say we池e 鉄econd
And believe, He too will agree, I reckon!