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His Divine Plan 2/2/04

Your passing, could not have been more of a plan so divine
for you knew and arranged the exact, perfect time.

A week before a Vet appointment was made
for the same day
just to see what Dr. Greg had to say.

So that day was reserved to give you special time
But visiting the Dr’s office, you did not have in mind.

Our prayers were answered from the night before.
It was to be at home – you wanted nothing more.

And the prior evening an unintended party we had.
Oh, now I see why this happened my lad.

You wanted to see all your friends just once more
before you were lifted through that heavenly door.

They stroked you and kissed you and prayed “All’s OK”
words you longed to hear, to help you on your way.

With all the love given, you lay so content.
We see what this gathering really meant.

You were concerned also for our welfare, I knew.
You wanted to see our friends supporting us too.

That night we took you into our bed,
so we both could lay next to your head.

You could not sleep, you fidgeted a lot
So back in your own bed, you got.

It was no wonder, for you were not well
Oh how now, it was so easy to tell.

I covered you up and kissed you good night
and went back to bed with a feeling of fright.

What I feared,
in the morning appeared.

With your glazed eyes, you gave us that look.
We held and caressed you, a deep breath we took.

Daddy left and now alone was I
Oh, how I cried, “Thor , please don’t die”

I called Unity prayer line, what I needed to do.
It did calm me – as you all ready knew.
Then you sent to me, at the door who?
Judy, our dear friend who really loves you.

Why did she come to our home, right then?
You didn’t want me alone for your final end.

She sat down beside you, and then it all went too fast.
You continued to breathe, but it did not last.

You went so peacefully, you were set free.
We looked at each other, Judy and me.

I felt stunned as I gazed out through my tears.
Yet saw how you were indeed calming my fears.

Shadow was staying, a critical realization.
An obvious comfort, needn’t any analyzation.

And there was no break in comfort like this,
for when Shadow was to leave there were more guests on our list.

A coincidence never- for who was booked next?
Your oldest, loving friends, Elsie and Alex.

Both together here, the first week you were gone?
It was like sprinkling love dust upon us with a magic wand.

There was no better consolement than to see Elsie on your bed
and Alex lying next to her head.
My boy, a clear sign you are not dead.

Your spirit lies within them and continues in our home.
Otherwise your Canine friends would not so comfortably roam.

A bit more has happened to complete your leaving
of course, as you intended, to soothe our painful grieving.

“I long for flowers”, I said to Dad.
No sooner they appeared and flowers I had.
Judy with gorgeous roses, at the front door,
then Donovan and Sandra brought a dozen more.

And so now our table, displays what is you -
Flowers, your pictures, cards and all my poems too.

Lastly we awaited for your ashes to return.
A message on the phone, they were in we did learn.

Thor, again, perfect timing did you arrange
Yes, this was divine, it was no longer strange.
Weeks ago, we planned a hike, for this very day.
A favorite activity of yours, we did say.

Of course it was with Claudia and Sandy who’d we go with on the hike.
People who adored you, and you the like.

They were your good friends who were not there that party night.
We picked you up on the way, it felt so right.

A natural, earth toned urn, they got to see.
For this was their time with you to be.

A balmy, cool breezy noon, we began to walk
About you my boy, we started to talk.

We looked for a beautiful spot to read you a poem.
A deck, overlooking the water was found, just like home.

In your honor, with some of your ashes I took out,
Claudia read, and I sprinkled them about.

So, my boy, this was your plan for the time around your passing on
Always caring for our feelings when alive and even when you’re gone.

It makes sense that “Thank you”, are the perfect words to say,
I know at Rainbow Bridge, we will meet again some day. ****

God, we love you Thor.

Thank you, my Boy, for gloriously changing our lives.
I ache to hold you and gaze into your beautiful soulful eyes.

I can only resort now to the enchantment of my dreams.

Your forever, loving Mommy,