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With deep regrets we had to put
our dear Tess down last week at age 13.

Apparently she knew she was not well,
for she dug a deep hole in the ground
under our bushes about a month ago and
would stay there many a day and night.

She began to lose weight even though she
was eating, looking very boney and
also began to loose strength in her legs.

Monday, 3/30 she was barely able to walk
outside, but when she did, she laid in the
grass and could no longer walk or eat. She'd
crawl from one place to another, looking very
sad. She looked so unhappy and we knew this
was not right for us to let her go on this way.

It was a tormenting decision, but on 4/1
we took her to our vet, having to carry her to our car
in a made up sling. Our doc felt under her
belly and said he felt a possible tumor.

We knew we had to let her go
and held her while the doc put her in
a twilight state. We at that point said our
goodbyes because we wanted to remember her alive,
for it was too painful to see her otherwise.

She was a beauty and the
sweetest, problem free dog one could imagine.
She was the perfect hostess here at Home of Bed and Biscuit
and would make sure no guests got played with too roughly
or got annoyed. If so, her nurturing would come forth
and stand in between the dogs and bark.

It was quite amazing to see how she kept the peace!

Thank God her little brother, Rascal,
has guests coming and going,
for he'd miss her terribly.
It was hard to see him sniffing around,
I believe, looking for her.

I can't bear to have him be alone at times when and if we
have no guests, so we just may adopt another sibling for him.
Coincidently, my friend just got two pups but has decided two are
just too much to handle. So..... we'll see.

Thank you Tessie for all your sweet love.

You are missed by all. Till we meet again...

We love you - Mommy, Daddy and brother, Rascal

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